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Galvanised Plant Pots

Bespoke Hand Made Galvanised Metal Planters

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We manufacture to order any size, shape and design of galvanised sheet metal planters and plant pots.
They are manufactured by hand from 1mm thick galvanised dipped sheet metal to a high quality finish with 4 per drilled drain holes.
They are heavy duty, fully weather proof, rust proof, very durable and will not discolour.
We have in stock a range of 5 standard sizes grouped into type A,B,C,D & E for you to choose.
They are a wounderfull addition to the garder or patio for plants or trees and really enhanse the modern look.
We hope you enjoy the planters and look foward to supplying them to you.

Type A- Size at Top- 425mm square tapering to 250mm square at Bottom -450mm High - Price £58
Type B-
Size at Top- 300mm square tapering to 200mm square at Bottom -450mm High - Price £54
Type C- Size at Top- 250mm square tapering to 150mm square at Bottom -350mm High - Price £40
Type D- Size at Top- 400mm square tapering to 250mm square at Bottom -550mm High - Price £58
Type E-
Trough Type 650mm x 135mm x 150mm Deep. -
Price £40

Delivery to local area are free or ask for quote when ordering.

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